Will Connecticut Ban the Death Penalty?

From CNN:

The bill is thought to enjoy majority support in each chamber of the state legislature, which are both Democrat-controlled, and would replace death penalty sentences with life imprisonment.
Gov. Dannel Malloy, a Democrat, has vowed to sign the measure into law should it reach his desk, his office said.
State senators could vote as early as Wednesday, though officials say they expect the debate to drag on well into the evening hours and could possibly surface for a vote on Thursday.

This would make 5 states in 5 years that have abolished the death penalty: New Mexico, New Jersey, Illinois and my home state of New York are the other 4. 16 states total do not allow the death penalty to be used along with the District of Columbia. 34 states still have it on record along with the US Government and the US Military reserving the right to enforce it. I’d like to see the President get rid of it for the Military and the Government as well