Don’t They Know It’s the End of the World

So apparently today will mark the end of the world. So if you’re reading this, which I’m posting at 11:11 which is the dreaded time of said destruction then, I guess the Mayans were wrong.

I have to say I was tempted to go to confession yesterday. Y’know, just in case.

But the truth is that a last-second confession isn’t what you really need at the end of time. What is needed is to be genuine. Because we can’t change who we have been and to do so would be an attempt to change our essence, an impossibility to be sure. God knows who we are already and knows all of it, even the dark stuff that we hope nobody ever finds out about us.

So who we are at the end of time is not our deepest worry. Rather, who we are right now, at this moment, gives us pause. What opportunities do we have to be our best self in this present moment?

A friend one time said to me that it would be quite humbling to get to the end of the world and find that the God we have believed in didn’t exist, or perhaps was a vengeful unforgiving God. Indeed. But I’m sure that it will be humbling regardless of what we find because none of us have lived perfect lives. So even if God is pretty close to what we expected, we’ll never capture His essence entirely and more importantly, we’ll certainly have some ‘splainin’ to do about the times we chose not to be our best selves.

And the truth is that none of us know the day, nor the hour that our world ends. Because our world indeed ends often. When someone dies, the world ends as we know it and we enter into something new, scary even, unknown. When we lose a job or something unexpected happens, we face an uncertain future. Think of how many people have had unexpected things happen to them recently! Parents lost children just for sending them to school. Skiers faced an avalanche after hoping to just spend some time on the slopes relaxing. People have lost jobs, careers, marriages.

Sure sounds like doomsday for a whole bunch of people.

But God is there through it all and our unshakable belief must be that God is not indifferent. God not only understands and feels our suffering, but also can redeem that. Therefore, the indifference belongs to us. It matters not what happens to us because God will see us through it anyway.

If we can believe that, even if it seems unlikely, we’ll become our best selves. We’ll live with hope in tragedy and light in darkness. We’ll comfort the afflicted and feed the hungry because we know that the present moment is all we really have and that the future belongs to God.

So bring it on Mayans! We are not afraid! And while it’s unlikely that an apocalyptic day is here, we don’t know what else is in store for us. All we know…is that in order to be ready for any kind of shift in our world, we need to live as our best selves now.

Wait! Maybe they didn’t mean Eastern Standard Time!