Archbishop says Facebook causes uptick in Suicide

From the BBC

Archbishop Vincent Nichols said MySpace and Facebook led young people to seek “transient” friendships, with quantity becoming more important than quality.
He said a key factor in suicide among young people was the trauma caused when such loose relationships collapsed.
“Friendship is not a commodity,” he told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.
He added: “Friendship is something that is hard work and enduring when it’s right”.

Archbishop Nichols said society was losing some of its ability to build communities through inter-personal communication, as the result of excessive use of texts and e-mails rather than face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations.
He said skills such as reading a person’s mood and body language were in decline, and that exclusive use of electronic information had a “dehumanising” effect on community life.

Archbishop Nichols said that social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace encouraged a form of communication that was not in his words “rounded”, and would not therefore build rounded communities.

I agree with some of his statements here but I seriously doubt that any sociologist or psychologist would say with any certainty that suicide can be linked with frequent use of social networking.

I Debaptize you in the name of the…er…

A huge hat tip to American Papist today for this one.

Oh brother, can we all just give it a rest? Why do atheists always have to thrust their thoughts down everyone’s throats but when religious people even do this in a small way (like say putting a cross up in a field on Good Friday) they act like religion is proposing killing puppies?