Are There Any Questions?

So my best friend’s daughter started religious education this past week and thus, there was the mandatory information session for families of children in religious education (or lifelong faith formation or whatever they want you to call this in your local diocese).

So off the family went, my friend and his lovely wife, his daughter, Theresa and his 3 year old son, Leo. The pastor began with an explanation of the formation program and exhaustively went through every detail.

Finally at the end of his presentation he paused and asked, “Are there any questions?”

Leo, the aforementioned 3 year old, who is not even in religious education yet, shot up his hand. The pastor, not one to ignore a child, acknowledged him, to which he asked the question on everyone’s mind…

“Do you have any popsicles?”

The kid gets it. It’s not a Catholic event if there aren’t any snacks.