Concealed on Campus

From this morning’s NY Times:

For more than 30 years, the University of Colorado has enforced a sensible policy banning guns from its campuses. The ban worked well until March, when the State Supreme Court agreed with a student’s complaint that it violated a state law allowing citizens with “concealed-
carry” permits to carry guns in public places.

This has left the university resorting to a new twist on its in loco parentis responsibilities — designating segregated housing this fall for students with gun permits. Gun-toting students 21 or older will be assigned to special housing on the Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses, where they must have safes to store their weapons when they are not carrying them. Or they can check them with the local police, Dodge City style. They will not be able to live in dormitories with younger students, but they will be allowed to carry their weapons around to classes or anywhere else, except to certain sports and cultural events.

This is true for students at all other public campuses in the state. No one knows how many might go packing in college halls, though estimates run into the hundreds.

OK, this is insane! How much more dangerous did they just make this campus? Who knows anything about the student with a gun permit? Does the student have a clean bill of mental health? How long and what kind of record does the student have concerning the use of his gun?

I understand that some will say that a student carrying can stop another student who tries to shoot up the campus but in the recent case of the movie theatre in that same state, that would have done no good as the perpetrator in question was basically clothed in armor! Someone carrying would probably have done MORE harm than good.

And I believe that’s the case in most scenarios here. What happens when some little kid visits his big brother and finds a gun in someone’s room? What happens when a drunk comes home and starts firing the gun in anger or pointing it at someone else in his stupor. Someone on a bad trip and they hallucinate? College students often do dumb and dangerous things like that, but this time the administration just did something 1000 times stupider.