King of All Baseball Geeks

And we mean that in the nicest way possible…

My best man, Mike “Crash” Caragliano (pictured, right) is known for winning the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) Trivia Championship and this year was no different.

Well..wait a minute…it actually was different.

Crash won the individual championship again, his 8th time which ties him with the all time leader, Al Blumkin, another New Yorker.

However, Crash also played with a team this year and they won the team championship. It was the first time that’s ever been done! A big congratulations.

In the team round, his team fell behind early and it looked like they might get crushed until they hit a Jeopardy-style “Daily Double” question and risked all their 27 points on this question:

What player said: “I’d rather be known for being more like Cy Young, than Pete Gray?”

Know the answer? I did. First person to tweet it to me who was not at the conference, gets a copy of my new book when it comes out in print. (@godgoogler)

For those who know Mike Caragliano, they know that he’s a “salt of the earth” kind of guy. He’ll do anything for a friend. He once drove into the city from the Bronx when I got stranded there missing my last train home to Yonkers. Mind you, it was 2AM. He’s a great dad to two kids now and has been a long time producer and engineer at WABC.

But while to many, he’s the guy with an incredible memory for baseball, I’m much more proud of the fact that he’s just been a great friend! One I’d be worse off for not knowing. And we’re proud of him today! Congrats, Crash! Next year, the crown is yours alone!