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Oct 11

Help Petey and Canisius Win a National Championship!


So in case you missed this… Canisius College’s Mascot (who is really cool!) Petey Griffin has advanced to the finals of the Catholic Mascotology Contest on It’s been a long road to the finals. First we beat local rival the St Bonaventure Bona Wolf. Then it was a major upset for us over the …

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Oct 10

Petey Griffin vs. The Fordham Ram


So I’m a proud graduate of Fordham and now work at another Ignatian institution, Canisius here in Buffalo. World’s are colliding as my colleagues from put together the Catholic Mascotology Contest this week, featuring all kinds of Mascots from various Catholic Universities. Mascots like The St Joe’s Hawk and the SLU Billiken (pictured). Now …

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Sep 24

Oh Jealousy…Jealousy

Deacon Greg pointed this out to me today. Seems that some in the Catholic media are peeved that the Jesuits didn’t release their interview with Pope Francis to a myriad of Catholic Sources. Here’s one such complaint from Greg Erlandson, publisher of Our Sunday Visitor: It appears that hardly any bishops had a head’s up …

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Feb 21

Young Adults and the Weary Church

The 40th Chapter of Isaiah talks about depending on a God despite weariness and that God never grows weary. That would include growing weary of us. What do we grow weary of? For me I grow weary of the constant infighting in the church. Here’s one good example: There were two stories written of late …

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Feb 20

Violence Begets Violence

I was 13 and was sitting by the window in my parent’s apartment. I walked away and then I heard that sound. Gunfire. It has a unmistakable sound, especially when it is followed by screaming. A young man was shot on the corner of my block, in suburban Yonkers. By no means was it a …

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Feb 19

One Word: Respect

Day #6: of the Fast, Pray, Give Calendar: So I’ll be honest, I forgot to look this morning at the FPG Calendar and I was cranky for most of the morning because I wasn’t exactly mindful. But at the end of the day, I was able to spend some time in mindfulness and offered the …

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Feb 18

Change Me, Lord

Prayer doesn’t change God, prayer changes us. Kathleen Norris, the great spiritual writer was featured in the BustedHalo Fast, Pray, Give calendar today and she mentions that when we pray we ask to be changed as opposed to asking God to change something with no effort on our part, as a kind of magical being …

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Feb 17

One Meal Offered

Puntland- 16 Aug 2011

Day #4: Fast, Pray Give: So I checked into BustedHalo this morning and found that they were asking me to give up one meal today. And it’s a morning that I was particularly hungry. So skipping breakfast was not going to happen. I was also trying to finish the egg beaters before they went bad. …

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Feb 16

Fast, Pray, Give: Day 3

There’s a difference between being hungry and being homeless. Whenever I do some kind of community service I find I’m more drawn to working with the hungry, but not so much with the homeless. Hungry people get their needs met by getting a meal, a temporary relief from the pangs of hunger. Even students who …

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Feb 14

Fast Pray Give: Day #1

Last night Phil Fox Rose inspired me and invited the 20s and 30s group at St Joe’s to take more seriously the tenets of Lent, namely: Fasting, Praying and Giving or Almsgiving. So I thought I would take his words to heart. One line in particular struck me. Phil answered a question from Dawn, one …

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