Contact and About Me

Imagine, if you would, covering a World Series, Ticker tape parades, producing award winning radio, podcasts, blogs. If that’s not enough, imagine writing two books, a retreat manual for the Pope’s World Youth Day and a boat load of articles. Still not enough? Imagine serving the needs of college students and young adults throughout that career as a lay minister and allowing that call to guide him to seek ordination as a deacon. Imagine leading countless retreats, listening to people’s heartbreaking experiences in spiritual direction and pioneering new ways to do spiritual direction online. Imagine interviewing Presidents and Pitchers, Bishops and Baseball players, Preachers and Point guards.

These are all things that I have done throughout my career.

I find myself as an eclectic mix of different things. I’m the Director of Young Adult Ministry in Cleveland, Ohio and recently was a longtime campus minister. I’ve been a trained spiritual director and retreat master for over 20 years. I’ve used my media skills in podcasting, videos, terrestrial and satellite radio, blogging and on various social media platforms. I’m an excellent preacher and presenter and small group facilitator. I’ve worked at a large state university and a smaller Jesuit College. My voice has been heard at places like WFAN Radio and National Public Radio, but also in symposia at Notre Dame and Fordham. I’ve worked with students and faculty, players and coaches, producers and actors.

I am always available to conduct retreats, parish missions and days of reflection on site for a variety of audiences.

I’m also available for spiritual direction and I specialize in Online Spiritual Direction via Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout or Zoom.

You can contact me via email at: [email protected].

Or by phone/text at: 646 671 3671