I just sent an updated manuscript to Paulist Press. Fr. Mike Kerrigan, my editor just returned from a much needed vacation, so he should get back to me next week on how good or not so good it is.

The book generally is in three parts:

1) Who are young adults? Especially on the differences between milennials and Gen X Young Adults. And what is working well in ministry?

2) Interviews with young adults I have worked with in my ministry nationwide on what are their religious longings and experiences in ministry.

3) A how-to section on young adult ministry complete with some resources.

Hopefully it will be out this fall or winter 2007.

0 thoughts on “Googling God the Book”
  1. Mike Kerrigan, eh?

    I know him from way back in my days living in South Carolina.

    I worked with him on a couple of statewide Catholic student retreats. I doubt if he’d remember me (we’re talking over 10 years ago).

    Nice to know he’s still doing good things!

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