Deacon Greg was asked a question on Lino Rulli’s radio show yesterday which I’ve been asked several times, by people who know that I’m considering the Diaconate.

Do you get paid to be a deacon? Deacon Greg responds in today’s post:

Deacons are not salaried. Unlike priests, we don’t get a stipend for masses, weddings or funerals. At Christmas, the pastor might slip an envelope into my hand and thank me, but that’s about it. As I told the caller yesterday, summoning the only cliche I could think of, “My reward will be great in heaven. But here? Not so much.”

I knew that and find it interesting. The principle at work here is that Deacons are men in the world, who’s first ministry is to their families and their chosen vocation in life. Their ministry is an additional matter. The two Deacons in my parish both have lots of things going on in their lives and yet they still make time for ministry. It’s a tough balance, not unlike what we lay ministers go through, although our full time jobs are our ministry most of the time.

So today pray let’s for our Deacons who do a lot for our parishes and sacrifice much of their time with their families for their parishes.

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  1. Hi Mike, I too am in the “discernment” phase for the diaconate but have entered a more formal process here in Philadelphia. For us it’s a 7 year process in total so it’s kind of a marathon. And I am your sister’s age, lol. A comment, go where God leads, ask Him to give you clear signs and, if called, don’t be afraid to “set out into the deep”. Wish I was your age and starting this process but, then again, I am putting all of it in His hands so He can use me as He wills. Peace and all good! Mark

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