Deacon Greg who led me to the First Things Article on the 10 Worst Hymns (in their view, some of which, I like a lot actually) decided to write a post today on his 10 Best Hymns–taking a more positive approach.

So I’ll chime in and ask you to do it as well.

1) In the Breaking of the Bread – by Michael Ward – which became a signature song of the St Paul Singers when the marvelous Anne Holland was the director there. I even had it as the communion hymn at my wedding. Check it out:

2) Sweet, Sweet Spirit – a classic by Doris Akers. Check it out.

3) Be God’s – by Dannielle Rose
Notre Dame grad, Rose, wrote this rousing hymn that has that call and response style that I dig.

4) Lamb of God – Matt Maher. One of my favorite versions of this mass part. The Latin works here for me.

5) Cry the Gospel – Tom Booth
A bit more performance based but I like it.

6) So We Will Worship – by Sarah Hart
I just love her voice and this one touches me deeply. I can’t find it but it’s on itunes.

7) Watch and Pray (taize)- Great for a Holy Thursday Eucharistic Procession. Haunting. Meditative.

8) I Have Been Anointed – Steve Warner and Karen Schneider-Kirne
Notre Dame’s Folk Choir does a nice version of this in an Irish Castle. I love the simplicity of this song:

9) At the Cross – Hillsong
OK so this is a bit over the top.

10) Let There Be Light – Paul Melley
Check this out on ilike

These are samples of mine. There’s a lot more and some more traditonal and some more modern. My parish choir is awesome and I’ll see if I can get some samples from them soon.

What are some of your favorites and why?