This semester I have been hanging around the gross anatomy lab in the medical school as many of you have heard. Our readings today reminded me of the people who have donated their bodies to the students so that they might learn.

It is a “righteous gift” that they provide. A gift that has no name attached to it. The students don’t know the donors, nor can they. It is an anonymous gift.

Perhaps we too, each Ash Wednesday, might be an anonymous gift as well. We parade around with our ashes on our heads today not so people will notice us, as Jesus cautions us against in the gospel. Rather we wear our ashes so people might see Christ in us, in our deeds and actions, in our service. “It is not I who do this but rather Christ in me.”

Today, let us remember that we will one day be nothing but ash, much like our med school’s donors are now as well. But it is how we were gifts to the world, that will be remembered. How were we Christ for another–a righteous gift indeed!