I’ve been under the weather this weekend and so, I missed Deacon Greg’s update over the weekend to the ever unfolding tale. (A hat tip to Bill Cork for pointing it out to me).

Deacon Greg’s update in brief said:

UPDATE: At the urging of some readers, I did a little Googling to try and find out more information about Santa Cruz Media, Inc. According to this filing from the Whitefish Montana Election Commission, where the company is headquartered, the CEO of Santa Cruz Media is listed as John Corapi.

Oh brother. I ain’t buying it anymore. Why would anyone try to hoodwink the public in this way?

It’s time for all of us to shut up and let this thing play out, but that has to start with Fr. Corapi. The more you talk, Father, the guiltier you look. Even if that’s not the case.

Let’s pray that the truth, above all, prevails.