I hope it happens after I get my award at Fordham.

Some would say that me getting an award of any kind might actually cause the rapture.

Thanks to Paul Snatchko for the place to stay this weekend fun filled extravaganza. Besides the award ceremony at Fordham tonight, Hope Villella gets married on Sunday! Hope, formerly of the National Pastoral Life Center has been working at a South Dakota parish of late, working mostly with Native Americans. Amazing work by an amazing person. It will be great to celebrate with her and to see her sister, Kelly, who was a BustedHalo Charis Retreat veteran for many years. Phil Franco, from the Brooklyn Diocese even offered me a ride back into the city from New Jersey. So a fun time all around is to be had.

One of the bigger elements for me tonight is that I get to share the evening with my dad. I am who I am because of his sacrifice and dedication to our family. So I’ll dedicate this award to him tonight.

No speeches for me tonight, Greg Boyle will speak on our behalf, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy an extra class of wine and the company of wife, father and good colleagues like Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, Fran Rossi Szpylczyn, Rosemary Azzaro and Fr. Anthony Ciorra our former dean.

That being said, indeed it is a blessing to be alive and I have lots of reasons to celebrate.

Most of all, if you’ve been on a retreat, read an article here or on BustedHalo.com, been part of campus ministry at UB, or if I did your marriage preparation, then you are the reason that I do what I do and continue to be inspired by those I meet on this journey.

My colleagues, Fr. Jack Ledwon, Fr. Pat Keleher, Ed & Katie Koch and of course, my pal and newest colleague, Julianne Wallace have been the ones who push me to be better and who I hope I have inspired in some small way as well. Patty Spear, Diane Brennan, Athena Schmidt, Ann Marie Eckert and Sr. Jeremy Midura who share the lunch table and a lot of ministry in the parish and beyond are folks who I am proud to serve alongside of.

Most of all, I’m nothing without my wife, Marion. Who is ready to head out the door and is hoping that I finish this entry soon so she can watch Heart of Dixie on this computer before we have to head out to Fordham.

For now, prayers for all those who do the ministry of the Lord in the Vineyard. You all deserve an award too.

So let’s hope that the rapture is not tonight and that we are blessed to serve the Lord just one day more.