So I have two:

One is my freshman year of college, my roommate was a big snoopy fan (and still is). I found a brand new stuffed Snoopy that looked awesome. I wrapped it up and left it for him and when he opened it I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so happy to get a gift. He hugged it and danced around our room. “I forgot how cute he looks when he’s brand new!” he said. Mission accomplished.

The second I’ve told many times before including here on this blog. It’s also from my Fordham days and my friends Joe and Tracy ran the University’s “Give a Child a Christmas” campaign. They had a bunch of leftover toys and they travelled by subway to deposit them at a local shelter. On the way back they encountered a little girl, cute as could be on the subway.

“Ya getting ready for Santa to come to your house.” Joe asked.

“No”, said cute little girl.

“NO! Why not?”

“Because my mommy told me that it’s two far for Santa to come all the way to the South Bronx. But it’s OK, I already got my present. Santa sends my present to Fordham and we go there every year and get it.”

Fighting back tears…Joe and Tracy both said…”Did you get what you wanted?”

And the little girl said…”I always get what I wanted…every year.”

And so did Joe and Tracy.

Perhaps that’s the lesson of Christmas. We need to really think about what it is that we really want. What is truly the Magis, the greater glory, that we all seek? God wants us to have that and it is always within our grasp and it might be something different from what we expected but it always brings us much joy.

OK one more. This one is from this year and Deacon Greg pointed me to it. They say anchors aren’t supposed to cry, but if Scott Pelley didn’t cry here I’d think his heart was two sizes too small. The story made mine grow three sizes after watching it.

It’s just another day of the Christmas season and so we once again say, Merry Christmas.