I’ve received two Lemonade Stand Awards from both Wheelie Catholic and Between the Burg and the City. These are great awards given to bloggers by other bloggers. I only wish I had sent them a shout out before they did. Obviously I love the Deacon’s Bench as well but he too has an award already.

I’d like to add a few awards to bloggers that I find valuable. I’m supposed to find 5 each time I get awarded so I guess that means that I need to come up with 10. So here goes:

1) Pontifications by David Gibson
2) Via Media by Amy Welborn
3) St Sebastian Pastor by Msgr Hardiman
4) Sister Christer by Sr Christine Wilcox, OP
5) Spiritual Popcorn by Paul Jarzembowski
6) Catholic Mom by Lisa Hendey
7) Diary of a Rookie Priest by Fr. Mark Mossa, SJ
8) Whispers in the Loggia by Rocco Palmp
9) St Edward’s Blog by FRAN ROSSI SZPYLCZYN
10) A non religion one! The Mets Police by Shannon Shark and others.

I will send all of them notices of this tonight.

Blog away!

0 thoughts on “Lemonade Stand Awards”
  1. Sweet Mary Mother of God! In what world do I receive this award and more than once? And to have my name in print just in the same post with David Gibson? Amy Welborn? Rocco?

    And IN CAPS no less, of course, sans the vowels!!

    Thank you Mike!

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