I’ve been meaning to be a bit more forthcoming about some things in my life on this blog and I usually don’t reveal all that much about my personal life here but here’s a bit of prayer for today about something that is weighing heavy on my mind:

Dearest Lord,

Please watch over my mother today and for the next few weeks. She’s got a pretty bad stomach disorder and the doctors are trying to keep her from being in pain while the figure out what is going on. Keep my father, her caregiver from stress and anxiety. Bless my sister who runs from work to be with her and bless me who sits in uncertainty today. Bless her doctors who are trying to find what ails her and guide their minds and hands to be the healers that they are.

Bless all those who deal with illness today and for those who have nobody to pray for them. Amen.

And for what else shall we pray?