Since some commenters have been saying that perhaps our small survey might not be reflective of a large portion of the population, the great Melissa Cidade of CARA –the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown offers this report from CARA on the Latin Mass.

The short answer for their results which are far more scientifically based (and by the way I wasn’t claiming that our little survey of people who read this blog o’ mine was social science–even if it certainly is reflective of the general population as it turns out) than ours here is the following:

As you may be aware, Pope Benedict XVI recently eased restrictions
on the use of the older Latin Tridentine Mass, as celebrated just
before the Second Vatican Council in the mid-1960’s. Do you
favor as an alternative to the newer Mass, bringing back the older
Latin Tridentine Mass for those who would prefer this option?

Favor 25%
Oppose 12%
No opinion 63%

Millennials and Gen Xers by the way were also the least likely to oppose the Latin Mass but also the most likely not to have an opinion one way or the other. Which doesn’t surprise me on both counts.

And perhaps an even more interesting question:

If the Latin Tridentine Mass were made readily
available at convenient times and locations,
and you were able to attend, would you?
Respondents who “Favor” or have “No opinion” about
easing restrictions on the Latin Tridentine Mass

Yes 29%
No 25
No opinion 46

So as King of fairness (because I am King of fairness) I think some conclusions that we can draw is indifference towards the Latin Mass and not opposition which has been my point the whole time. We need to decide what is a more passionate effort that would get people excited and put our efforts there. Shoring up preaching, welcoming and music at mass is far better use of our time in my opinion. I would also say being more visible in social justice outreach as Catholics is also something worth putting efforts in. After all, who has had more influence on Catholics in the world, Mother Teresa or the head of Liturgy at the Vatican or the USCCB?