To all faithful viewers who are interested in Campus and Young Adult Ministry…

This summer on June 25-26 Fordham University’s Curran Center for American Catholic Studies is holding a conference called: Where Have All the Young People Gone? I would like to personally invite you to attend the conference and ask that you publicize it to all young adults and parish ministry professionals that you know. I’m trying to drive people to the conference to boost early registrations before May 15th so we can guarantee a solid number of attendees for our grantors.
The conference is simply a solid 24 hours on the intersection of Campus and Young Adult Ministry. Jim Davidson, a major sociologist, will have new numbers and facts on the generation and Melissa Cidade from Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate will respond. We’ll also have a number of workshops featuring different issues that young adults face during that transition. Lastly, they’ll be two panels featuring the best practices of both ministries and the WORST practices as well.

The conference is only $50 for commuters and housing is $75/night at Fordham. So it’s an easy and cheap solution for a quick continuing education option.

And I’d love to see you besides! So come. It’ll be a good conference and I need good people with great insights to be there.

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