This comes from Amy Smith Delamer at the wonderful University of Dayton. (Go Flyers!) She noted on Facebook today that today is the Feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus (Corpus Christi). Today’s Gospel is the Feeding of the 5000 but to the deaf community in some places the Gospel could have a whole other meaning.

“There is this wonderful woman — Jenny. She’s 78, and she speaks at (a conference I go to) every year. She tells the story of just beginning to interpret (for the deaf community) at her church, and, not knowing that there are different signs for “feed” and “eat”, she told the deaf community in her church that Jesus ATE the 5,000!”

My wife who is a deaf interpreter at mass will love this story. She’s got a bunch of stories likes these but this one is one of the funnier ones I’ve heard. Thanks, Amy.

BTW…I own both of those figures pictured. Scary.