The atheists pick on Christians every Christmas but this one takes the cake.

Some thoughts:

1) Why not a Hanuuakah billboard? Why not Eid Al-Fitr or Eid Al-Adha? Oh that’s right, it’s perfectly acceptable to hate Christians but Jews and Muslims, calling them out would be “intolerant.”

2) It’s amazing how the atheists are so tenacious about their beliefs. Like a dog with a bone they just have to be right and everyone else has to be stupid and wrong.

3) I can understand that there are a lot of stupid things that religious people do, but have atheists ever met a smart religious person? Studied theology? They often dismiss out of hand without being critical. Have they ever known and engaged in debate with a scripture scholar. I think they’d be surprised at what they’d find.

In fairness, because I’m King of Fairness…here are their reasons for the billboard.

1) To address those atheists who “go along to get along”, and to encourage them to come out of their closets.
2) To attack the myth that Christianity owns the solstice season.
3) To raise the awareness of the organization and the movement.

My billboard in response:

“God is always mystery. You don’t have all the answers. Get over it.”

0 thoughts on “Tis the Season for Intolerance”
  1. You’ll get no argument from me on the double-standard that applies to Christian piety vis a vis everyone else, but how exactly is this billboard “hate”? If these atheists think it’s that important that I believe the incarnation never happened, I’m glad they care about me enough to tell me. I’d expect at least the same understanding from them when I tell them that God DID become man.

    Another reason to like this billboard is that it’s not just atheists who “go along to get along” at Christmas; it’s plenty of Christians, too. We’ve all seen the poll numbers demonstrating the breadth of religious ignorance in this country. How many Catholics have never stopped to think that the faith they claim to profess actually requires them to believe that God himself literally and physically become a smelly baby? If it provokes that sort of thought, this billboard could actually lead people deeper in faith.

    I’d argue that the very meaning of Christmas is in part that God isn’t JUST “always a mystery.” By revealing himself to us in history, he subjected himself to precisely the sort of incredulity expressed in this billboard. I think it’s really unhelpful to get huffy about stuff like this. As Christians, our response has to be, “yes, it is incredible, and yes, we DO believe.” We’d be a much healthier (and more religious) country if people followed these atheists’ example and said what they actually thought more often.

    1. The atheists are black and white…God exists or God doesn’t. So if you don’t believe or have tangible proof of God than you’re an idiot to believe in God.

      John, my point is that we can never pin God down. And the atheists don’t buy that concept.

  2. The atheist view, generally seems to be not that believers are idiots, but rather that they are intellectually dishonest. They say something exists, but there is no deeper reason than, just because. The point is, the reason many don’t believe is because they don’t see a reason to. It’s difficult to rationalize believing in something when there is no proof of it.

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