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The USCCB adds their two cents:

“Today’s decision to revise how individuals obtain services that are morally objectionable to religious entities and people of faith is a first step in the right direction,” Cardinal-designate Dolan said. “We hope to work with the Administration to guarantee that Americans’ consciences and our religious freedom are not harmed by these regulations.”

So it sounds like a general approval but that more discussion will be needed in the coming weeks.

A question to ask to the general public because I think I’m pretty smart but perhaps I’m missing something about this:

So if a catholic employee has say Blue Cross/Blue Shield for their insurance, doesn’t BC/BS also have policies for other companies where employees at that company could already get birth control and abortion paid for by IH? So how is giving them money for a separate policy for us that eliminates that option not the same kind of cooperation that people are considering now?

Just saying.

One thought on “Bishops Say: “Right Direction” but More Needed”
  1. I thought this guy summed it up pretty well:

    This isn’t even a matter of different form, same substance. It’s the same form and the same substance, with some obfuscatory semantics.

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