My colleague, Julianne Wallace, over at Buff State is in Philly on her alternative break this week and she’s letting students speak for themselves each day in these great videos. This one is great from Eddie a very introspective student.

What I love about doing this is that it not only gives others the opportunity to see what goes on during an alternative break but it gives the student an opportunity to see themselves and where they’ve been touched by the Lord during the week. We don’t often do that. I put together a video for our students and I give them a copy of it–not of them talking necessarily, but of them doing the work so that they might see God working a bit in their lives throughout the week and be able to pinpoint those moments.

So kudos to my colleague and to her students and a special thanks to Julianne for being a trooper and heading from this break trip to help us with our young adult retreat this weekend.