We’ve let this go for a bit, but I’m doing Ok with it. I’ve got “And with your spirit” down now. I go 5 for 5 every mass now. The one that keeps tripping me is “Lord I am not worthy that you should come under my roof….”

Just doesn’t automatically roll off the tongue.

I took special notice at Christmas to see what the not-so-often church attendees said. Truth be told they probably did better than most of us who come regularly because they had enough humility to actually use the worship aid. I’ve seen people in several parishes not even bother and just say nothing or say what they want to say.

Any funny stories? I heard one from Fr. John Mack, who often presides at our seminary here in Buffalo. He was quite pleased with the effort that a parish he assists in made in learning the new translation. He wanted to praise their efforts and so he did so at the end of mass before the final blessing. “So nice job, everyone…And the Lord be with you.”

And the crowd roared back, “And also with you.”

Well…they were almost there.

Your thoughts after nearly a month of this?