Intentional Giving

I’ve been surprised to hear a bunch of hullaballoo about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which, by the way I did. I’ll get to the windstorm in a second but, I’d like to say in hindsight that my friend and colleague Kathryn Heetdirks has a father with ALS and so I’m glad I could honor him with my dunk yesterday. Here’s the video in case you missed it.

Over at Patheos there’s been a lot of talk about how the ALS foundation uses embryonic stem cells in some of their research which is immoral in the eyes of church teaching, and I’ll add in my own. There’s only one study that uses these by the way.

But here’s the thing: You don’t have to support such research with your donation and can direct your funds to other studies.

I mean, who doesn’t know this?

Am I alone in the fact that when I make a donation I do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions about how my funds will be used? I always do this. I do it with my Alma Mater (directing funds to Campus Ministry and the Graduate School of Religion at Fordham). I do it at Canisius (directing funds to the President’s fund who has supported our office tremendously during his tenure here). I do it with other charities/ministries that I fund as well. I ask always “So how would you use my donation?” People like to fund specific things and projects. One of the rules of fund raising is to try to give people some reason to give you money. I suppose some folks just throw their money into a slush fund and let it be directed however the foundation chooses, but I don’t do that.

So I decided that I would direct my funds away from the one fund that uses embryonic stem cells and also give some money to another organization that supports people who have ALS instead of going to research, because that gets ignored. It’s called Compassionate Care and you can find them here.

So here’s a quick lesson in giving. Direct to where you want and don’t let the naysayers drive you away from doing something good. Instead be careful with every donation and ask a bunch of questions, but in all things…be generous and giving.


So there are a lot of men who are growing mustaches to help raise funds for prostate cancer. First off, I’d like to say it’s great to see a group of men get organized and do something positive for other men who have a horrible disease.

So our friends over at the Mets Police have been participating and since my wife would never let me grow a mustache (again–I had one in High School—see scary picture —->) I’d like to throw my support behind their effort.

Dan Twohig is one of the bloggers and he’s headed into the home stretch and could use a bit more support. So if ya can help out, here’s a link to do so.

Here’s the start of Dan’s journey. Shaving the goatee and growing the Mo from scratch:

Dan writes:
Mets Bloggers for a Cure has now raised more than $600 which will go towards men’s health initiatives, particularly prostate cancer research. Our goal this year was $1,000 and with 8 days left I think it is still within our grasp. Please consider making a donation of any amount – even $5 can help. You can make your pledge at

And here’s his scary picture as well. He’s shaking his head vigorously trying to get the mustache to grow.

We’ve Been Free of Advertisers Thus Far

So I hate advertisers. I try to watch as few commercials as I can and I don’t even like it when others subject themselves to advertisers. One of the main reasons I left commercial radio was because the commercials were the show at the rate of 18 minutes per hour on most shows. “The show” was a vehicle to get you to listen to the commercials.

I’m not however, above begging for alms.

I’ve kept this blog free of advertisers so that you don’t think I’m beholden to anyone but you readers. And so I’m going to do a pitch for donations from time to time here. I’m a poor campus minister who has got a few side gigs but it’s tough to make ends meet. The blog does cost me some money to maintain and I hope that you enjoy the stuff you read here and find it valuable to your spiritual journey. I do this because I love to do it and I’ve literally done it for free for the past 6 years or so.

Regardless, I figure if the likes of Rocco Palmo over at Whispers could keep an open guitar case on his blog then I’m not above asking for a few bucks as well.

So if ya got a buck or two to spare, every little bit helps. I’d like to at least eliminate the maintenance expense for the blog and I will donate 10% of all donations to our alternative break trip to Kentucky here at UB Catholic in Buffalo, so know that your dollars will also benefit a growing ministry for college students in Buffalo.

Look to the right and you’ll see the Donate section. If you have a paypal account, you can use it there. If not, you can use your credit card regardless. A $100 donation will even garner you a free copy of my book.

It’s tough out there for everyone and I bemoan asking for anything besides what you’d like to read more of here. But hey, if you’re liking this, then I hope you might think it’s worth dropping a few bucks my way.

As always thanks for the consideration. Know of my prayers. And if you ain’t got a buck or two, keep me in your prayers. That’s always a good way to support us.

Your humble blogger, Mike Hayes