I’d like to say that I often would watch Bill Maher when his politically incorrect show was on ABC-TV. I’d also like to say that I thought he got a raw deal when he was thrown off the air for his comments about terrorists not being cowardly but Americans lobbing missiles from 2000 miles away was. I heard him say that live and thought he was simply trying to make a point, although I disagree with his statement that Americans are cowardly. I also don’t subscribe to HBO. So while I liked Maher, I didn’t like him enough to drop bucks on him to continue to watch him.

But more recently, Maher has become the angry atheist, the kind of person who can’t admit that all religious people aren’t nutburgers. This time Tim Tebow has been the target of his lampooning. Pardon the language in his tweet:

Wow, Jesus just fucked #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler “Hey, Buffalo’s killing them”

OK, now I’m not the biggest fan of Tim Tebow, mostly because I’m not a Denver fan. But I don’t think that it’s fair of Maher to pick on him just because Tebow is a Christian. I also haven’t heard Tebow proclaim any kind of prosperity gospel messages. He’s just grateful to be able to play. Why not just leave him alone? Besides isn’t it bad enough that Buffalo destroyed his team this weekend? It wasn’t like Tebow said Jesus loves the Broncos and hates the Bills.

See this is the problem I have with the group of atheists who are just so nasty that they can’t let others believe what they believe. They’re angry. They’re mean. And if you ask them what they don’t like about religion, many will claim that all religion leads to violence.

If that’s true, I’d like to come out as being an anti-meanie. Because that seems to lead to violence and hatred as well.

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